Fort Wayne babysitter sentenced for battery of 11-month-old child

The babysitter who was charged in 2016 with neglect of a dependent and battery of an 11-month old child, has been sentenced.

23-year-old Nicole Cakora pleaded guilty back in August 2016. She was sentenced in court Friday to eight years in prison with four years suspended.

According to court documents, Cakora ran a daycare. The mother of the 11-month-old child dropped her son off in the morning at Cakora’s home.

Cakora claims that the child had gone down a slide face first and hit his chin, face, and chest in the process, according to court documents. She says the child calmed after about 30 minutes of crying and later ate lunch with other children.

After putting the boy down for a nap, she checked on him and discovered his eyes half open and that he was either hyperventilating or struggling to breathe. The boy was not responsive and didn’t wake up until she put ice and a cold rag on his head.

The boy was taken to the pediatric intensive care unit and doctors found bleeding on the brain and retinal hemorrhages, which indicates the child suffered a significant impact. The boy’s mother says Cakora was only caring for the boy for two days.

Currently the boy’s condition is unknown.