Fort Wayne Standoff Ends Peacefully

Fort Wayne police say they have caught a suspect from a morning shooting. Around 8:10 a.m. Wednesday morning, police were at the 2900 block of Lillie St. near Pontiac St. and South Anthony Blvd. The suspect, 48 year old Michael M. Underwood, is said to have fired shots towards a car and fled the scene in a grey colored vehicle. When officers arrived near Lillie Street, they were able to spot the suspects vehicle leaving the area but ended up losing sight shortly after. It wasn't until a relative of the suspect spoke to police to tip off Underwood's location at the 7600 block of Verona Dr., near Tillman Rd. and Hessen Cassel Rd. When police got to the scene they confirmed Underwood was the only person inside the house and dispatched the Crisis Response Team. The suspect surrendered to police not long after the Emergency Services Team arrived. Underwood was transported to police headquarters without incident, and criminal charges are pending.