Four Kosciusko County inmates accused of being involved in jail rape

Four inmates at the Kosciusko County Jail are charged for being involved in the rape of another inmate on October 15, according to court documents.

The probable cause affidavit indicates four inmates forced another man to perform a sex act on one of them. Two of the inmates are accused of preventing him from leaving the room, while all four accused are said to have threatened the man.

23-year-old Timothy Freeman is charged with rape and intimidation. Freeman was originally booked into the jail October 14 for possession of methamphetamine and resisting law enforcement.

20-year-old Christopher Orr is charged with intimidation and aiding, inducing, or causing rape. Orr also has a preliminary charge of criminal confinement against him. He was serving time for a misdemeanor theft and felony probation violation from August 12.

19-year-old Tyler Martin is facing charges of intimidation and aiding, inducing, or causing rape. Martin was awaiting transfer to the Indiana Department of Corrections on an armed robbery charge.

17-year-old Danny Combs was serving time on a juvenile case that was moved to adult court. He faces preliminary charges of intimidation, criminal confinement, and aiding, inducing, or causing rape.