Goshert assuming all duties as Sheriff of Kosciusko County

Kosciusko County Chief Deputy William “Rocky” Goshert has assumed all duties as the Sheriff of Kosciusko County.

A press release from the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday says Goshert’s command is effective immediately. It follows former Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine’s sentencing hearing Tuesday May 23, where he was convicted of a felony and sentenced to one-year probation.

Goshert is a 20-year-retired Trooper with the Indiana State Police and previously served as an elected two-term Sheriff of Kosciusko County. The press release says Goshert has assured that professional public service will unequivocally continue to the citizens of Kosciusko County.

Goshert is expected to run the department until the Kosciusko Republican caucus chooses a new sheriff.