Goshert Handling Day-To-Day Operations of County Sheriff’s Dept.

The day-to-day operations of the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department are being handled by Chief Deputy Rocky Goshert. A press release from Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine sent Friday announced that Rovenstine was turning over the daily duties of sheriff to Goshert through and May 23rd.

That’s the day Rovenstine is due to be sentenced on a felony intimidation charge. Rovenstine agreed to plead guilty to that charge Wednesday just as his trial on 10 felony counts was set to begin. The judge in the case could reduce the sentence to a misdemeanor sentence, but the conviction would remain a felony-which would prevent Rovenstine from remaining in office.

Rovenstine will remain sheriff until the plea deal is accepted by the court since some documents require the signature of the elected sheriff. Goshert was himself sheriff from 2006-2014. A GOP caucus will meet to select a new sheriff.