Gov. Holcomb outlines five-stage plan to bring Indiana “Back on Track”

Governor Eric Holcomb announced today that the stay-at-home order will not be extended starting on Monday, with the exception of Marion, Lake and Cass Counties.

A five-stage plan was outlined by the Governor, detailing what will reopen over time, with a target date of July 4th to have the state fully reopened.

The non-essential travel ban will be lifted on Monday, while social gatherings can resume and go up to 25 people. Retails stores will also be allowed to reopen at 50% capacity.

Starting May 8th, indoor worship services can resume, but those 65 and older are asked to stay home until stage 3 (May 24th)

Starting May 11th, restaurants can resume dine-in service at 50% capacity.

Stage 3 will begin on May 24th: At risk can venture out cautiously, social gatherings up to 100 can happen, retail and malls can go to 75% capacity, movie theatres can open at 50% capacity, social common areas to 50% capacity

Stage 4 on June 14th: Facial coverings optional, zoos and museums open at 50% capacity, large venues may open adhering to social distancing guidelines, retail, malls open at full capacity. Dining room capacity open at 75% capacity

Stage 5 on July 4th: Fair, festivals and sporting events may resume. Retail and restaurants can return to full capacity.

Holcomb said this “road map” is subject to changing based on how data fluctuates over this time period. Social distancing is encouraged to continue on all levels and face coverings are still encouraged until Stage 4.

A detailed outlook can be found at