Governor Holcomb issues six pardons

Governor Eric Holcomb has used the week of Thanksgiving to issue pardons.

He’s pardoned six people after recommendations from the Indiana Parole Board. Of those six, two had already had records expunged under Indiana’s Second Chance Act. Three others served out their sentences and made restitution.

The six pardoned by Governor Holcomb are:

  • Jamie Druelinger, convicted in 1996 on 2 counts of felony battery & 1 count misdemeanor criminal mischief
  • Vincent Gartin, convicted of felony attempted fraud in 1992 and 3 counts of felony robbery in 1998
  • Franklin Meadows, convicted in 1981 of felony delivery of a controlled substance
  • Steven Pyatte, convicted of felony robbery in 1982 and misdemeanor battery in 1985
  • Gary Tidd, convicted of entering to commit a felony in 1964
  • Matthew Voorhees, convicted in 2001 on felony theft, felony forgery and felony possession of a handgun on school property