Grace College launches two initiatives to attract transfer students

Two new initiatives at Grace College aim to make the school more accessible for transfer students.

The Winona Lake campus is now accepting the Statewide Transfer General Education Core, allowing a transfer of 30 general education credits from any public state university.

They’re also trying to attract Ivy Tech students by offering at least $10,000 in financial aid for traditional undergraduate programs at Grace. Some Ivy Tech students are eligible to have their tuition at Grace fully covered if they have a zero Estimated Family Contribution on the FAFSA.

“We are excited to make the transfer process easier for Indiana students who want to pursue an excellent Christian education,” said Dr. Mark Pohl, dean of admissions at Grace College.  “These programs are part of Grace’s commitment to accessible and affordable college education.”

School officials say 99% of Grace students receive some institutional financial aid.

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