Ground broken for new Argos manufacturing facility

Ground is being broken in Argos for a new manufacturing center.

The new manufacturing center is going into a 75-acre industrial park that is a “shovel-ready certified park”, meaning that it’s ready to go should a business decide to set up their manufacturing facility in Argos.

“Over the last five years, we’ve acquired industrial land, earned Shovel Ready designation, worked with MCEDC to develop plans, and committed funding to this project in order to showcase our industrial park to its fullest potential. This is the next step in that process of implementing our newly adopted comprehensive plan and bring industry here,” said Dustin Johnson, president of the Argos Town Council.

The 50,000 square feet building will act as a hub for the district and will help meet the needs of manufacturing businesses that will set up around it.

The hope is that the center will start attracting more businesses to the region and creating more jobs in the process.

“Argos is very committed and has taken a proactive yet aggressive position to attract new industry to the community” said Jerry Chavez, president and chief executive officer of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation.“Through best practices in design and construction and committed partners, the Argos Manufacturing center will offer businesses a below market-price building with tons of flexibility all of which provides strategic advantages in the Indiana market.”

The $2.77 million project is being partly funded by $40,000 in Regional Cities funding.