Hall of Heroes museum throwing 10th anniversary celebration Saturday

It’s a celebration 10 years in the making for the man that brought us the Hall of Heroes museum in Elkhart.

The superhero museum on County Road 105 in Elkhart will host a 10th Anniversary celebration from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. The museum will feature the “Women of D.C. Comics” to help celebrate the blockbuster release of Wonder Woman in theaters this week. In addition, the 50th Anniversary of Batgirl, 25th Anniversary of The Batman Animated Series, and the debut of Harley Quinn will also be celebrated.

Allen Stewart runs the museum. He told the Elkhart Truth that he hopes the party will be a springboard to raising $200,000 the museum needs to move into a new, larger building. Stewart has his eyes on an empty building in North Pointe Plaza by Exit 92 of the Indiana Toll Road.

In addition to having about triple the amount of space he currently has to work with, he believes upwards of 100,000 people could be drawn to the museum off the Toll Road alone.

The need for extra space was driven home this year, when over 10,000 people attending the first ever Elkhart Comic-Con in March.