Hot toys under the Christmas Tree in 2017

Chances are you’ll be doing some Christmas shopping soon, if you haven’t started already… so what do your kids want? Antwan Spencer, manager of a Toys R Us store in Fort Wayne, talks about the most popular toy this year:

“The most popular toy is a Fingerling. It’s $14.99, is an interactive toy, it’s a little monkey that kids can wrap around their finger, kids love it to death,” Spencer says.

Another popular toy: Hatchimals. They’re stuffed animals that come concealed in an egg that they must “hatch” out of, and were the most popular toy last Christmas.

Spencer says another one of the most popular toys is a “teachable” robot named “Cozmo.”

“It’s compatible with smartphones, it does a lot of stuff and comes with a little block set. It’s very interactive.”

Cozmo’s not cheap, however: he costs $150.

Another high-priced item in big demand with kids this year is the Nintendo Switch portable video game console, which retails for $300.