LaPorte County woman accused of stabbing boyfriend in drunken tirade

A woman from LaPorte County is accused of stabbing her boyfriend in an intoxicated rage.

Police in LaPorte County say the 40-year-old man was babysitting 24-year-old Torrie Fraley’s 8-year-old daughter while Fraley was at work Thursday morning.

The man had fallen asleep and was allegedly woken up by Fraley hitting and punching him after she returned home. The fight reportedly escalated and led to furniture being overturned, Fraley stabbing the man in the left arm, and the man escaping with the daughter to safety.

When police arrived at the home, they reportedly found Fraley so intoxicated, she had to be taken to a local hospital to be medically cleared for arrest.

Fraley is in jail on a single count of battery with a deadly weapon. Her daughter is in the care of a relative. The investigation into the attack continues.