Indiana Congressman Greg Pence unhappy about no progress on relief bill

Indiana Congressman Greg Pence (

(Network Indiana) — Another relief bill is not likely to happen until after the election. That disgusts Congressman Greg Pence, who says he put a lot of work into two bills that might’ve helped Hoosiers, but that now are not being considered.

Pres. Trump made the decision to stop the negotiations on a bill that would have helped businesses survive, and would have paid out another $1,200 to Americans. He said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was not serious, and Pence agrees.

“I’ve lost faith in Nancy Pelosi being honest,” said Pence. “I hate to be so partison. But, I’ve just spent the whole summer trying to negotiate something to help and all she wants to do is help Chicago and Illinois and bail out the big cities.”

Pence said his frustration comes from working on bills that he believes would have helped Hoosiers, but ultimately getting nothing done. One of the bills he worked on would have extended the PPP program and expanded it, with $138 billion left in the fund.

“That would’ve helped out small, main street businesses that are still struggling. Any small business that had lost revenues of 25 percent or greater would have been eligible for another loan and I thought that made a lot of sense,” he said.

Pence said another bill would have given states some control over money still available from the CARES Act and expanded the uses to include help for first responders, school that have reopened, and expanding infrastructure.

Pence said last Thursday, Democrats were able to get a bill passed, but it was one that Pence believes was so poor that many Democrats bailed on it.

“She’s not serious about doing it. And the bill that we passed Thursday night was $1,200 for every illegal immigrant and took $600 billion out of law enforcement support. We call that defund the police.”

Trump has said he would be willing to look at piecemeal legislation that could result in a $1,200 relief payment for people.