Indiana National Guard supporting 58th Presidential Inauguration

INDIANAPOLIS- The Indiana National Guard is providing around 150 service members to the nation’s capital to perform duty supporting the 58th Presidential Inauguration. These Soldiers and Airmen come from multiple units and specialties to include Military Police, Communications, Logistics, Medical, Public Affairs, and the Civil Support Team.

“The Indiana National Guard works hard to provide trained service members ready for any mission assigned,” said Maj. Gen. Courtney P. Carr, the Indiana National Guard’s adjutant general. “We are proud to take part in an event of this stature, and I’m excited for the opportunity these young men and women have to contribute to such a significant part of the democracy of our nation.”

Members of the Indiana National Guard will support, Operation Strong Guardian, roughly 7,500 National Guard Soldiers and Airmen from about 40 states, territories and the District of Columbia. This support is at the request of local civilian authorities as well as our federal government agency partners. National Guard Soldiers and Airmen will be assisting local civilian authorities with traffic control, crowd management among other activities. This is to ensure that the hundreds of thousands of spectators are able to move around smoothly and safely before, during and after the inauguration events.

Military ceremonial support by National Guardsmen dates back to 1798 when Gen. George Washington began his inaugural journey from Mount Vernon, Va. to New York City. Local militias joined his inaugural procession as it passed through towns along the route. Once Washington arrived in New York City, a presidential escort composed of members of the regular Army, local militia units (the modern-day National Guard) and Revolutionary War veterans accompanied him to Federal Hall for the presidential oath. The military and the National Guard has continued this tradition of inaugural support ever since.

The Hoosiers largest element will come from the more than 130 military police from Indiana’s 81st Troop Command. The group’s liaison officer is Maj. Derek Sutton, has been assigned to working on the security task force with Guardsmen from 10 other states.

“Our task force of Hoosier military police are excited to take part in the 58th Presidential Inauguration.  We have been assigned to assist the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department with security at Metrorail Stations around the Capitol Mall along with our fellow Guardsmen,” said Sutton.