Indiana Senator Braun talks spending bill

Indiana Rep. Mike Braun (Photo supplied / Indiana House of Representatives)

(Network Indiana) — Congress has passed another stop-gap spending bill to keep the government running while they try to hammer out a more long-term spending deal. President Trump signed off on it late Friday.

The bill extends government funding until this coming Friday, Dec. 18. Talks on a long-term spending plan still appear to be at an impasse. It’s a song and dance that is getting tiresome for Indiana’s Republican Sen. Mike Braun.

“When you’ve got a year to do something, start on day one,” he told his fellow senators on the Senate floor. “Put a little bit of rigor into the process of ‘no budget, no pay’ and maybe will give the American people a better product.”

Braun continued to push a fiscally conservative agenda along the lines of slashing spending rather than increasing spending. He said the highest level of national debt the country has ever had was coming out of World War II, and he says that’s roughly where we are again now.

He added that it’s not sustainable for the government to keep spending more than they are taking in.

Congress also passed a new National Defense Authorization Act, which outlines spending for the U.S. military. It included a pay raise for U.S servicemen and women.

“During this time of uncertainty, it’s our job to fully fund our nation’s defense to fight the global threats of coronavirus, deter China, and keep Americans safe,” said Sen. Todd Young (R-IN). “This is a bill that I am proud to support.”

President Trump has threatened to veto the bill saying lawmakers should first clamp down on social media companies in the bill. But, the Senate passed the bill with a veto-proof majority, meaning Congress could override Trump if he chooses to veto it.