Indiana State Police: Reduction in Meth Lab seized in 2017

There’s been a decrease in meth labs in the state of Indiana.

Methamphetamine lab statistics show a reduction from 943 labs seized in 2016 to only 371 in 2017.

Law enforcement officials say the reduction is the direct result of combined effort of enforcement, education and rehabilitation by police, the courts, jails and the overall community awareness.

They say an increased flow of cheap methamphetamine into the U.S. by Latin American Criminal Gangs and the increase of heroin could also be factors in the drop of meth lab seized last year.

Still, a press release from the Indiana State Police says the numbers are encouraging– the highest number of meth labs seized was 1,808 in 2013, and the numbers have been decreasing ever since.

Officials say a continued pursuit of drug dealers along with educating the public can help them to continue the decrease in Indiana meth labs.