Warsaw Mayor proclaims February 2 as Drake Price Day after Riley Champion

A surprise proclamation from the mayor celebrates a local Riley Hospital for Children patient.

12-year-old Drake Price was first named a 2018 Riley Champion, an honor given to eight kids at a Riley Children’s Foundation luncheon in November.

Now Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer has proclaimed Friday, Feb. 2, 2018, as Drake Price Day.

Price has suffered ongoing medical issues, beginning with a tumor on his optic nerve, and then a massive stroke. He was also diagnosed with a cerebral arterial disease.

Overcoming all of that, Price spent some time with the Warsaw Police Department and was made an honorary officer.

After the recent Drake Price Day proclamation, Price may have a change in career goals.

“You’re so popular here, look at all the votes you would get if you ran for mayor,” Thallemer told Drake as he called him to the podium. “So what do you think, mayor or policeman?”

“Mayor,” Drake answered, drawing laughs and applause.

The Times Union reports an update on Price’s condition is expected in February, when he and his family will find out how the tumor is doing.

The proclamation explains why Drake Price Day is important to our community:

“Whereas, Drake Price has inspired many people by his courage, positive attitude and determination to follow his dreams, and whereas Drake is an outstanding young citizen of Lincoln Elementary School … whereas Drake was named an honorary officer of the City of Warsaw Police Department, and whereas Drake was recently honored as a Riley Champion for inspiring our community with bravery and commitment to help others despite overcoming medical challenges.”