Indiana will move to Stage 3 of Back on Track plan on Friday

“We have earned the ability to continue to move forward. I say this with comfort and confidence.”

Those words from Governor Eric Holcomb during his press conference from Indianapolis on Wednesday. Holcomb says the state will move on to Stage 3 of the Back on Track Indiana plan starting 12:01 AM on Friday, two days early than what was outlined in the original plan.

Highlighted during the press conference of some of the main points with the transition into the next stage:

– Social gatherings can be up to 100 people
– Restaurants continue at 50 percent capacity
– Malls and retail stores can go to 75 percent capacity
– Gyms, YMCAs, fitness studios, community pools, and campgrounds can open.
– Recreational sport practices may begin following guidelines, except contact sports.
– Basketball, tennis, soccer and baseball fields may open
– Summer day camps can begin on June 1st, raceways can open and have races (with no fans) and state park inns can also reopen

– Extended through July 1st is the prohibition of turning off utilities… prohibition on filing mortgage foreclosures… evictions and extending deadlines to acquire/renew drivers licenses, vehicle registration and other BMV transactions

See the full Back on Track Indiana plan here.