Indy Group Looks to Increase Voter Turnout for 2020 Election

("I Vote" by Kelly Minars, CC by 2.0)

INDIANAPOLIS — A new nonpartisan group in Indy is hoping to increase the voter turnout in 2020.

Bill Moreau, the co-founder of Indiana Citizen Education Foundation Inc., tells Inside Indiana Business that the Hoosier democracy is “not healthy” right now.

“Indiana consistently ranks low for voter registration, turnout and civic literacy,” Moreau,said. “We need more Hoosiers to vote and have access to reliable, unbiased information about the candidates and issues.”

The foundation wants to improve what it describes as Indiana’s lagging civic rankings. The Indiana Secretary of State’s office says statewide voter participation in 2018 was 32 percent. Tuesday’s election saw a 24 percent participation rate in Marion County.

A big element of the nonprofit is an online tool on their website,, that will help Hoosiers confirm, modify or initiate voter registration. A voter will also be able to see the names on the ballot and get information about the candidates.

Last Tuesday, Kosciusko County voter turnout was only 9.26 percent, making it one of four counties in the state with single-digit percentage turnouts. Fulton County also saw a less than 10 percent turnout.