Improvements announced for two US 30 Intersections in Warsaw

Two busy intersections along US 30 will be under construction coming later this summer.

Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer said at Friday’s Board of Public Works meeting that the intersections of Anchorage Road and Parker Street and US 30 will be seeing improvements. The Mayor said that while the plans for the intersections aren’t out yet, he wanted to make sure residents are aware and to be patient and safe during the road work.


City Planner Jeremy Skinner says that the project will encompass added lanes and some widening to both intersections to help with traffic and also to help with safety at both.

The project will impact traffic flow along US 30 and some re-routing of traffic may be possible for those who use Anchorage Road or Parker Street.

Details were not discussed in full at the meeting. Thallemer said there will be a public hearing about the project, however a date and location are not yet set.