IU sorority under fire for hazing incidents

(Photo supplied/Indiana University)

BLOOMINGTON, IN (Network Indiana) — A sorority at Indiana University is in trouble for hazing incidents.

Kappa Kappa Gamma has been placed on cease and desist, which means all activities are suspended as the investigation continues.

The Indiana Daily Student says 19-year-old Langdan Willoughby came forward and talked about the events that happened in 2020.

About 50 pledges were lined up in a dark basement of the Kappa Kappa Gamma house. Senior sorority members dressed in lingerie, ran around the pledges, laughing and screaming, and smacking them on the butt with wooden paddles.

Then, the pledges were given rubber bands and told to put their hair up, saying it was time for “Blow or Blow,” a game where the pledges either had to do a line of cocaine or perform sexual acts on members of fraternities.

“Just kidding!” the sisters yelled and laughed.

The pledge class did not have to do drugs or perform sexual acts that night, but psychologist Dr. Susan Lipkins says those events are still considered hazing because they are “humiliating, degrading and used to maintain hierarchy in the sorority.”

Two other women have said they went through similar events when they were members of Kappa Kappa Gamma in 2017.