Jared Fogle suing victim for not being supervised by parents

Jared Fogle, former Subway pitchman, currently serving more than 15 years in prison for child pornography charges, has decided to sue one of his victims, saying it’s her parents’ fault that she suffered emotionally.

Fogle claims that the girl’s parents didn’t properly supervise their daughter, which caused her to engage in “harmful behavior,” according to our reporting partners at WOWO.

The girl was secretly videotaped at the Indianapolis home of Russell Taylor, who was convicted as Fogle’s co-conspirator. She claims she went into a depression and considered suicide afterwards, but Fogle argues that he has proof that an “unstable upbringing” by her parents was the cause of the emotional distress.

Fogle could call the girl or her parents to testify in the suit, according to RTV6.