K21 Health Foundation grants $150K to Grace College for nursing equipment

(photo supplied / Grace College)

Grace College is receiving a grant for their bachelor of science in nursing program.

The K21 Health Foundation says the $150,000 will be used to purchase equipment to provide training for future nurse professionals.

Specifically, it will get the school the equipment needed to outfit two simulation labs, a monitoring room, and a debriefing room for the nursing program. The most significant purchase will be for new simulation mannequins that will display neurological and physiological symptoms, injecting greater realism into scenario-based training.

Grace College President Dr. Bill Katip says they’re grateful for the support.

“Once again, K21 has stepped up to enhance health education in our community.  With better training comes better care for patients in our county and beyond,” he explains.

The grant coincides with developments the college is already making through a comprehensive campaign to expand the program’s capacity to 72 students.

Grace College offers the only baccalaureate nursing program in Kosciusko County.