K21 pledges $1.5M toward ice rink in Winona Lake

Developer's rendering of the ice rink. (Photo provided)

Plans for an ice rink in Kosciusko County have gotten a green light.

In a release from the K21 Health Foundation on Wednesday, President and CEO Rich Haddad announced that Board of Directors had approved a pledge of $1 million dollars towards the construction of an ice rink in Winona Lake. He said the directors made the commitment with the belief that an ice rink would be a game-changer for Kosciusko County.

An additional $500,000 was pledged toward the project after the board was “so impressed and confident” with the plan presented.

Winona Lake Town Council President Rick Swaim said the ice rink “will further enhance the quality of life we have in Winona Lake.” He said the year-round facility will be patterned after the Billy Sunday Tabernacle and will sit where the Tabernacle used to be located on Park Avenue.

More details on the project will be coming soon.