KCH Cancer Care Center holding open house to introduce advanced cancer-fighting technology

Cancer patients in Kosciusko County and surrounding communities undergoing treatment no longer have to travel out of the county for radiation therapy.

Lutheran Health Network and Kosciusko Community Hospital’s Cancer Care Center recently installed the TrueBeam LINAC. TrueBeam is designed to deliver powerful image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery treatments for all types of cancer with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

The KCH Cancer Care Center is holding an open house Thursday, Jan. 19, to tour the facility and introduce the new technology. The open house will take place from 4:30 p.m.- 6:30 p.m. at 1520 Provident Dr. in Warsaw.

TrueBeam technology is cutting-edge. There are only one or two other health care systems in the state that have this advanced technology, according Dr. Musaberk Goksel, medical director at the Cancer Care Center.

The new equipment uniquely integrates advanced imaging and motion management technologies within a sophisticated new architecture that makes it possible to deliver treatments very quickly while monitoring and compensating for respiratory tumor motion.

This opens the door to new possibilities for the treatment of lung, breast, prostate and other forms of cancer.

In addition to accuracy, another benefit of the TrueBeam system makes treatments faster than was possible with earlier generations of LINAC technology. In fact, most treatments take only a few minutes per day, according to Dr. Mark Ranck, radiation oncologist at the Cancer Care Center.

The KCH Cancer Care Center is located at 1520 Provident Dr. in Warsaw in the medical plaza next to MedStat.