KLA cadets create campaign highlighting transplants to Kosciusko County

Lakesha Green, executive director of Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts is participating in the campaign. Photo provided.
News Release

WARSAW — Cadets from this year’s Kosciusko Leadership Academy (KLA) are organizing a marketing campaign called Kosciusko by Choice featuring individuals who have chosen to move to and stay in Kosciusko County.

Team members working on this project include Laura Rothhaar, Kosciusko County Convention & Visitors Bureau (KCCVB); Leo Patino, Indiana Tech; Jeremy Price, Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams; and Logan McDonald, Instrumental Machine & Development.

The KLA team has partnered with KCCVB, Clearly Kosciusko and DreamOn Studios to create eight video interviews with people who are transplants to Kosciusko County and have chosen to make this area their home.

The project is focusing on representing the diversity as well as the quality of life the Kosciusko County community offers and will serve as a talent attraction tool.

The videos will be Clearly Kosciusko branded and be published via Clearly Kosciusko’s website and social media channels. They will have accompanying blog posts that feature more of each individual’s story that could not fit into the videos.

The first five videos will be released every week on Tuesday from March 14 to April 11. The remaining three videos will be published throughout the rest of the year. Individuals being featured include Lakesha Green, Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts; Rusty Martinez, Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams; Chris Scheeren, Blue Barn Berry Farm & Empowering Voices Inc.; Ben Navarro, Grace College; Jennifer Olson, Cardinal Services; and Lorena Yenith Oplinger, Wildman, with more to come.

“Kudos to the KLA team and KCCVB for bringing this campaign to life. These stories will support our continued efforts in attracting talent, particularly remote workers through our partnership with MakeMyMove,” said Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO) Talent Partner Jessica Hauck.

Participating individuals will also share their stories on the Clearly Kosciusko Podcast.

Clearly Kosciusko is communitywide voice and brand led by KCCVB with support from KEDCO, Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce and Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams. Originally spearheaded by the Lilly Center, the organization has passed leadership of the brand to KCCVB.

“The goal of this campaign is to tell the amazing stories of individuals who have chosen to move here and invest in our community, and this is one way we’re helping to further the Clearly Kosciusko brand. The people of Kosciusko County are what make our community such a great place to live, work, learn, and play,” said Laura Rothhaar, marketing manager at KCCVB.

To watch the videos and read the blog posts, visit https://clearlykc.com/blog/ or follow Clearly Kosciusko on Facebook or Instagram @ClearlyKosciusko. For more information, contact Rothhaar at laura@koscvb.org or 574-269-6090.