Kosciusko County channels CDBG money to three towns

Here is how the money now appears to be divided between four entities.
By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW –Kosciusko County officials on Tuesday determined how they want to use $1 million in federal Community Development Block Grants – known simply as CDBG.

In a joint meeting of the county commissioners and county council, officials looked at several scenarios in how to distribute $1 million in federal money, which has to be used to serve low-income communities.

The layer of funding is one of several sources being used in the county’s HELP program, a state initiative that helps specific communities with projects that aim to improve the town’s long-term outlook.

Kosciusko County was one of three counties selected in 2021 by the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) to participate in the first round of  HELP.

Milford, Pierceton and Mentone — as well as the county — have each come up with a series of projects.

The county could have used a share of the block grant money for specific projects it is looking at but decided to allocate all of the money toward the three towns.

Project coordinator Amy Roe said they still need to determine whether Pierceton and Mentone qualify to use CDBG money. That would be known in the next month or two.

The county decision, she said, gives them clarity on more of the funding puzzle.

County Commissioner Cary Groninger said the county will use money from its federal American Rescue Plan fund instead of CDBG money.

Above is a chart looking at how the three towns, Milford, Mentone and Pierceton, plan to use the money.