Kosciusko County moves ahead with financial consulting contract

A view of the Kosciusko County Courthouse.
By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW — Kosciusko County Commissioners are moving forward with a full-year contract with Reedy Financial Group to serve as a consultant.

But they’re doing so while also stating it could be canceled at any time if officials are not pleased.

The $60,000 deal for 12 months marks the first time the county has ever turned to a private firm for consulting.

County officials have said there are big projects looming in the future that they beleive will need assistance in planning on how to cover those costs.

County Council President Mike long spoke in favor of the agreement Tuesday before the county commissioners and said regular meetings will be “paramount” in keeping updated on how the arrangement is progressing.

The agreement comes after some complaints over the firm’s performance during a six-month trial period that ends in December.

Commissioner Brad jackson pointed out that there will be a system in place to monitor the progress.

Long said he sees some benefit if Reedy lines up grant money that could be used to cover their costs.

“County government has become very complicated since all this funny money has come to the county from different levels, and I feel there are things in the past that we have missed an opportunity on that they can really help us with,” Long said.

County commissioner Bob Conley made it clear the arrangement will be on a short leash.

“We gave them six month and they don’t make meetiings and they switch things around in budgets and it’s confusing our department heads, and there are things that have happened in the six months that shouldn’t have happened and I think they need to bare the brunt,” Conley said.