Kosciusko County Sheriff pursuing new program to keep schools safe

Kosciusko County Sheriff Rocky Goshert says his office is pursuing the implementation of a new program to keep schools safe. It works through an app that would notify law enforcement if someone reports an intruder at the school.

Sheriff Goshert told the Kosciusko County Council on Thursday night that its a better option than forcing teachers to decide if students should barricade or run.

“You’re laying it on me that I need to make that decision on whether we’re going to barricade or run, and I decide we’re going to run because they say that’s the number one thing to do, so we go out and run and I run my class right into it. Now, this teacher is going to have to live with this, and the school system, because I made the decision. And, all of us could make the wrong decision,” he explained through a hypothetical situation.

Sheriff Goshert says the app costs less than a penny a student for the school systems, and is free for law enforcement to use.

Goshert says he will be in touch with schools in Illinois that already have the app in use to gather more information.