Kosciusko REMC launches Kosciusko Connect fiber project

Map provided (KREMC)

In September, Kosciusko REMC (KREMC) introduced Kosciusko Connect, a subsidiary offering a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband internet to all KREMC members.

Today, they announced that this two-year project has officially begun, and that home installation could start as early as this fall, according to a news release from KREMC.

“Kosciusko Connect will be a game-changer for our community,” said KREMC President and CEO Kurt Carver. “Through fiber, we can offer reliable, affordable, high-speed internet service to every corner of the KREMC service area.”

Fiber-optic cables carry data through tiny strands of glass using light waves. Fiber carries information much faster, is less susceptible to damage and interference and can handle more traffic than traditional copper lines or wireless signals, the release states. Most internet providers use fiber-optics in their network but use other methods to make final connections to the home, resulting in slowdowns and frequent signal-loss. Fiber-to-the-home connections ensure that users get the fastest speeds and most reliable signals possible.

Building a fiber-optic network is a complicated process that involves design, inspection, significant construction efforts, and meticulous splicing of the superfine glass cables, the release states. Kosciusko Connect has divided the service territory into five construction zones to make this massive project more manageable. Construction has already started on the east side of KREMC’s service territory. Crews will work in zones moving counterclockwise, as seen in the Kosciusko Connect Service Territory and Project Map. The Kosciusko Connect team determined the starting point by considering many factors, including the location of underserved or unserved areas, population density and buildout cost.

Members can use the pre-registration tool on the Kosciusko Connect website to check which zone they are in and get personalized updates. Members are encouraged to sign up for services before construction ends to avoid installation costs later down the road.

Internet service packages will range from a minimum of 100 megabits per second (Mbps) to a maximum of 1,000 Mbps (1 gigabit). The service boasts symmetrical speeds – the same for uploading and downloading – no data caps and no residential contracts. Kosciusko Connect will also offer the options of managed Wi-Fi and crystal-clear telephone service.

“Building Kosciusko Connect is a massive undertaking, but we are well poised to address hurdles that may arise. With many thanks to our board of directors, whose support and direction has been indispensable, we will complete this project, and we’ll do so at impressive speeds,” said Carver. “Every KREMC member will have access to world-class internet service. Our sites are set for spring 2023 for project completion. Though our initial launch plan only covers areas that are served by KREMC, in the future, we hope to meet the needs of the extended community and provide fiber-to-the-home service outside of KREMC territory.”

For more information and to pre-register, head over to Kosciusko Connect’s website at www.kosciuskoconnect.com.