Lack Of Employees, CEO Resignation Leads Cardinal Services To Move Individuals To Fort Wayne

Cardinal Services logo.

A shortage of direct support employees and the resignation of its CEO has led Cardinal Services to move some of the individuals it serves to temporary Fort Wayne accommodations.

Concerns about Cardinal Services or the state of Indiana closing down a Cardinal group home and removing 41-42 residents from their homes with less than a day’s notice were brought to the attention of the Times-Union on Friday.

One email was concerned that the individuals were being moved to a Fort Wayne hotel without any supervision.

After Cardinal Services was contacted by the Times-Union, the nonprofit organization, which assists and advocates for people with disabilities and challenges, released a statement.

“Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Cardinal Services and our peer agencies faced a significant shortage of direct support employees. The pandemic only made matters worse, and over the last weeks the situation has steadily deteriorated. Many direct support, essential staff at Cardinal Services have worked overtime, week after week, to support those we serve.

“Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult to provide the quality services that our consumers need and deserve. Therefore, we have made an extremely difficult decision to seek alternative supports for some individuals,” the Cardinal Services statement says.

“Easterseals Arc of Northeast Indiana has agreed to provide services to about 30 individuals at temporary accommodations in Fort Wayne until permanent arrangements can be made. Easterseals Arc is a leader in our industry, and we have every confidence that these consumers will receive excellent support.”

In addition, Cardinal Services CEO Randy Hall has chosen to resign from his position.

Hall stated, “It has been an honor to work at Cardinal Services for the last 32 years. Although I am departing, my heart will always be with this organization and what it stands for.”

The Cardinal Services Board of Directors and leadership team will work together to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly until a successor is chosen. Former CEO of 20 years, Jane Wear, will be stepping in as the interim CEO during the search.

“We remain committed to our mission of helping people to live lives full of dignity, growth, and opportunity. Your continued dedication to the individuals we serve is essential to fulfilling that mission,” the statement concludes.

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