Lake City Skiers, Syracuse Park awarded inkeepers tax revenues

By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW — The county’s convention recreation and visitor’s commission also met Wednesday and considered two requests for money from the innkeeper’s tax revenues.

Money from the tax is traditionally directed toward groups that bring tourism to the county.

The Lake City Skiers sought and received $71,000 for two new large bleachers. That will help accommodate the growing crowds the group has seen as they host more national tournaments and all-star ski shows.

Chuck McLoughlin, who represented the group, said they saw record crowds last year and that they continue to popular shows to their annual lineup.

He said the average weekend crowd is upward of 1,800 people.

The board also approved a $40,000 request to help pay for a new pavilion and restrooms at Henry Ward Park in Syracuse. The town also has collected about $77,000 in donations and grants that will be used for the project, said Chad Jonsson, parks superintendent for the town.

The town hopes to see the project ready for use by the spring of 2024, he said.

Revenues from the innkeeper’s tax come from hotels as well as air B&B operations.