Lakeville Man Sentenced On Prostitution Charge

"Courtroom Gavel" by Joe Gratz, public domain

William Glenn Davis was sentenced to two years probation Thursday in Kosciusko Superior Court I for promoting prostitution, a level 5 felony.

The plea agreement Davis struck with Chief Deputy Prosecutor Brad Voelz dropped Davis’s other charge of incest, also a level 5 felony.

William, 54, Lakeville, was arrested Jan. 18 after Warsaw police responded to a residence for a domestic disturbance and learned that William and his adult relative, Samantha Davis, 21, of 1903 S. West Point Drive, Warsaw, had a sexual relationship together. Both Davises admitted to police they began having sex together in July 2018 and it continued throughout the year, court papers state.

Both were taken to the Kosciusko County Jail and booked for incest.

On Thursday, William cried and told Judge David Cates he’s ruined his life.

“I made a horrible decision. I have embarrassed and shamed my entire family. I’m truly sorry. I have very little support from anybody. I used to be the go-to for all my family. Now, I’m an embarrassment to them,” William said.

Voelz said the crime that William is accused of is also what Samantha is charged with and her jury trial is scheduled for next week.

“I am more than willing to prosecute the co-participant. What do you want me to do?” Voelz asked William.

“Let her be. Our family has pretty much been destroyed. Nobody really wants to be around us anymore,” William said.

Voelz asked William if he will feel he was treated unfairly if he doesn’t prosecute Samantha to the same extent he’s prosecuting him. William said he will not feel treated unfairly.

“It’s tough to know what to do in these situations, because Mr. Davis said he had no idea this was a crime,” Voelz told Cates. “That doesn’t mean it’s right. I guess what happened here is more troubling psychologically than criminally. Whatever happened here I think is way beyond what you can fix from your bench.”

William’s attorney, James Masters, told the judge that William is the president of a third-generation family-owned business who works closely and alongside his family.

“He’s pretty much lost any standing with the family and with others,” Masters said. “He’s had to step aside from running the business, at the request of his siblings. He’s never had any brushes with the law, and he’s not going to commit another crime. If you wanna talk about being scared straight, this is it.”

Cates accepted the plea agreement and told William he believes William is remorseful. Cates sentenced him to two years in the Kosciusko County Jail, with it all suspended to probation. Part of William’s probation includes getting a mental health evaluation and entering into a program if recommended by probation.

“Mr. Davis, I don’t need repeat customers,” Cates said.

“You won’t get one,” William said.