Launchpad celebrates milestone, announces ambitious new 3-year plan

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News Release

WARSAW — LaunchPad, the Childcare and Early Learning Coalition in Kosciusko County, proudly announces the successful completion of its transformative 5-year strategic plan, marking a significant milestone in the organization’s mission to provide quality childcare and early education to children and families in the region.

On Monday, it announced plans in its next phase of growth and development as it embarks on crafting an ambitious 3-year strategic plan.

Over the past five years, LaunchPad has been dedicated to enriching the lives of children
and supporting working families through innovative childcare solutions and early learning

Our 5-Year Strategic Plan has guided us in expanding access to quality
childcare, forging vital partnerships within the community, and advocating for policy changes to better serve the needs of Kosciusko County’s families.

Highlights of our 5-year strategic plan achievements:
1. Expanded Access: With the addition of over 500 new seats, LaunchPad successfully
increased the availability of quality childcare seats across the county, making early
education accessible to more children and supporting working parents.
2. Community Engagement: Our coalition forged strong partnerships with local businesses,
educational institutions, and governmental organizations, enhancing the overall early
education landscape in the region.
3. Advocacy and Policy Impact: LaunchPad’s advocacy efforts led to positive policy
changes with local zoning as well as the passage of House Bill 1318, which removed the
restrictions for public and private schools that want to provide more than one type of
childcare in their building.

As we celebrate these achievements, we are thrilled to announce our next ambitious
endeavor: crafting a new 3-year strategic plan. This plan will build upon our successes
while addressing emerging challenges and opportunities in early childhood education and

Key Areas of Focus in the Upcoming -year strategic plan include supporting current
childcare and early learning programs with training and support, building awareness about
the importance of early learning, the return on investment for employers and advocating for needed policy changes.