Leesburg DLI Students Advance to First Grade

Joel Duran Vargas teaches students Spanish literacy at Leesburg Elementary. (Photo Provided: Warsaw Community Schools)

Dual Language Immersion students have moved up to first grade at Leesburg Elementary. This year, DLI is being taught both in the kindergarten and first grade levels. Many students are continuing to spend half of their day receiving lessons in English and half of their day receiving instruction in Spanish.

This month, in English class, first graders have worked to increase their reading stamina, practiced their fluency in reading with their teachers and listened to some wonderful stories.

In Spanish class, students have begun counting to 120, reviewed how to say the days of the week and months of the year and have started putting syllables together to read many words. DLI staff at Leesburg Elementary look forward to helping students learn many exciting things as the year continues.