Leesburg teen accused of stealing from man trying to buy a gun

A 17-year-old from Leesburg is facing charges involving a deadly weapon after allegedly stealing money from a man who wanted to purchase a gun.

Richard Daniel Williams faces one count of robbery with a deadly weapon, a level 3 felony; one count of intimidation with a deadly weapon, a level 5 felony; and one count of theft, a Class A misdemeanor.

He was arrested and booked into the Kosciusko County Jail at 10:40 a.m. Monday, with a bond set at $20,250.

On Nov. 8, a Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department officer spoke with a man who said he had a conversation with Williams on Snapchat about purchasing a handgun. The man agreed to meet with Williams on Nov. 7 and to pick Williams up in Leesburg, according to court documents.

The man and a friend went to Leesburg and picked up Williams, who got in the backseat of the vehicle. Williams placed a black Glock 17 handgun in his lap and told the man to check it out and that he wanted him to purchase the handgun, the man said.

Williams then allegedly took the handgun and placed a magazine into the handgun and put the handgun to the back of the man’s head and told him to give him the money. He gave Williams $200.

Williams then left the vehicle while pointing the handgun at the man and his friend. The man advised the incident took place near Leesburg Cemetery.

The KCSD officer also spoke with the friend who said the man wanted to meet with Williams about possibly purchasing a handgun. They met Williams in Leesburg and Williams got into the backseat of the vehicle. They drove to the cemetery and parked so the man could look at the handgun.

The friend said Williams put the handgun on the center console and placed a loaded magazine next to it. The man picked up the handgun and looked at it, and then gave Williams $200, according to the friend.

Williams then allegedly grabbed the handgun, placed the magazine into the handgun and pointed it at the man, and told him not to tell anyone what happened or he would shoot them.

Williams then exited the vehicle and left the area.