Little League Coach Charged With Child Solicitation After Sexting Player

                                                                               (Photo Courtesy WSBT)

A little coach is in trouble after police found out she was having a relationship with one of her players. A Westville-area Little League baseball coach carried on a sexting relationship with one of her players that included sending partially nude pictures of herself to his cellphone, according to authorities. Amy Casey, 38, is charged in LaPorte Circuit Court with four counts of child solicitation and two counts of dissemination of matter harmful to minors, all Class D felonies.

She was taken into custody Thursday. According to court documents, the investigation by LaPorte County Sheriff's Department showed Casey was an assistant coach on the 14-year-old boy's team when they began texting each other in May 2014.

At one point the woman began sending partially naked and other provocative pictures of herself to the boy's phone, who accepted rides from her to several of the games, according to court documents. There were no acts of sexual intercourse, but the text messages showed Casey promised to engage in sexual activities and on at least one occasion he touched her in a sexual manner. According to the investigation, at one point, Casey pulled up to where the boy was playing basketball with his friends and questioned if they should continue on with the relationship. The boy told her then and at other times their behavior should cease but was influenced to continue on by her crying and doing things like professing her love for him, according to court documents. He also was afraid of getting into trouble if he told his mother, who was a coach on the team as well.

The boy opened up to someone when rumors about the relationship began swirling among teammates and parents, which led to authorities getting involved, according to court records.
Apparently her feelings were such that she was seen following the boy into the dugout whenever he moved away from her to the other side of the bench.
Investigators also looked into the possibility that she might have been sexting another player on the team after that boy's mother discovered some text messages to her son that she felt were suspicious, including one that asked the boy why he didn't stay at her house the previous night, court records disclosed. The alleged messages, though, were soon deleted, investigators said. The woman was no longer a coach on the team prior to the end of the season. According to court records, a forensic examination of Casey's cellphone showed she researched websites about the legality of sexting with minors. She could face an up to three-year sentence on each of the counts.