LTTE: Voting McConnell

Mr. Deranek:

I am an engineer and I work with Travis McConnell’s firm from time to time.  I recently had the opportunity to speak with Mr. McConnell and he informed me that he was running for County Commissioner.  I am writing this letter because I feel like people should know who Travis McConnell is before voting for him.

I do not normally support the modern Democrat party because it seems that the power elites no longer have the nation’s best interest in mind.  With that said, my favorite politician of all time is Robert Kennedy who was indeed, a Democrat. Kennedy genuinely cared about people and the nation and proved his worth, early on, by exposing the broad tyranny of interstate organized crime.  Robert Kennedy was smart, he was good and he was courageous.

Travis McConnell is this way.  He cares about people and detests injustice and has long spent his personal time and resources diminishing injustice to improve the lives of people, who are often forgotten, because this compulsion of good is inseparable from his character.  One night working late, I called Mr. McConnell and he was still at his office. I dropped by the office to drop off papers and I found that he was sharing a drink with a former client who was down and just needed someone to talk to. This was why Mr. McConnell was at the office so late.  He introduced me to this former client with genuine reverence and enthusiasm.  The case was long over but Mr. McConnell took the time to make sure this person was OK on a tough night.  That is who he is.  I hope he wins lots of offices in the future.

Michael F. Bosworth, P.E.
Warsaw, Indiana