Lutheran Health Network/KCH and WCS Announce First Major Project in Partnership

WCS Press Release – In February of 2016, Warsaw Community Schools (WCS) and Lutheran Health Network/KCH announced a 10-year partnership. This partnership included a financial commitment of one (1) million dollars along with additional updates to facilities, services and educational opportunities centered on health-based initiatives for staff and students. Analysis and evaluation of facility, curricular and community needs led to the decision to pursue updates to WCHS with these donated funds. The large cost of upkeep, concussion/injury concerns, limited accessibility outside of athletic events and needed advancements in drainage concerns also led to the decision to replace the traditional turf field with a synthetic product. Installation of synthetic field turf will enable Health/PE classes, youth leagues, marching band and a multitude of other student groups and activities the opportunity to utilize the facility. At the March 14, 2016 meeting of the Board of School Trustees, financing was approved to ensure these updates come from the allocated donated funds. Additional school funds have been previously budgeted to provide updates to the track surface surrounding the field. The current track surface is ten (10) years old and was already on a replacement cycle for update this year. Doing both projects together saves on engineering and construction costs. To facilitate the funding of the project, WCS is issuing general obligation bonds. The donated funds will fully pay for the bonds, and the issuance of general obligation bonds for this project will not affect taxpayers’ current tax rate. A committee was formed to evaluate multiple options and manufacturers. The Motz Company was selected as a manufacturer of synthetic fields with a proven track record of quality materials and competitive pricing. They are committed to utilizing local labor and warrantying the field for health, safety and structural integrity. WCS is excited to announce the development of the field will start in late May and will be open for the 2016-2017 school year.