Martin’s Super Markets offers free, same-day prescription delivery at all pharmacies

(Photo supplied/Martin's Super Markets)

As part of its continued efforts to ensure the well-being and safety of its family of employees, customers and communities during the coronavirus pandemic, Martin’s today announced it will offer free, same-day prescription delivery from its 17 pharmacies in Indiana and Michigan. Free, same-day prescription delivery services will begin Monday, April 27.

“The health of our entire community is so important right now and shelter-in-place orders are helping. This offer of free, same delivery of prescriptions ensures that our customers of all ages can get the medications they need without leaving their homes,” said Amy Simeri-McClellan, senior vice president, Martin’s Super Markets.

In keeping with social distancing guidelines, all deliveries will be touchless; the prescription will be placed on the porch, and the delivery driver will step back and call the store guest to let them know it is ready for them to pick up. Once the driver has visual confirmation the prescription has been picked up, they will continue their delivery route. Free, same-day prescription delivery will be available for store guests within a 10-mile radius of their local Martin’s pharmacy, with delivery times varying by location.

For questions and to sign up for this free service, store guests should contact their local Martin’s pharmacy. Pharmacists can also assist with transferring prescriptions from other pharmacies, if needed. Martin’s pharmacies will continue to remain open normal business hours, with many also offering drive-thru prescription pickup.