Mentone Town Council Discusses Sidewalk Possibility To DG

MENTONE – Mentone Town Council suggested a resident check with the county first in order to get a sidewalk project started.

Joel Wilson approached the Council Wednesday because he wanted to try to get a sidewalk from the east side of town to the Dollar General outside of town.

He talked to Chad Brouyette, general contractor with RS Miller Construction, and was told it would cost about $19,500 to do that. It does not include prepping it up and digging out the area for the sidewalk. The cost would just include forming the sidewalk and the concrete. He was thinking of sidewalks 3 feet wide and 4 inches deep. The cost would come out to $30 a linear foot at 640 feet.

Wilson said, to him, it just needs to be done. He suggested possibly fundraising the money.

Council President Jill Gross asked what the town’s right-of-way was. Councilman Tim Croy said he didn’t know. Wilson said he hasn’t checked how far away from the street’s center line sidewalks have to be.

Town attorney Andrew Grossnickle said there may be additional hoops to go through, including permitting. He asked Croy if that would go through him. Croy said it would.

Grossnickle asked if it encroached on the property owner’s real estate. He was told by Croy and Gross yes. Wilson said he thought that by creating a sidewalk, it could possibly increase the property’s value. Grossnickle said that’s why he asked the question because it might require an easement in order to put a sidewalk on someone’s property.

Councilwoman Shelly Krueger asked for the properties that were within town limits, if permission from the property owners still needed to be sought. Gross said yes because it’s the person’s property. She said she didn’t think the town would have any sort of right-of-way beyond what the Indiana State Highway Department would have.

Maintenance of sidewalks was also brought up. Grossnickle said there is some liability involved for the property owners.

Croy brought up the edge of the sidewalk to the curb on his property is considered town property, but he still has to maintain it.

Krueger asked if it would help if the town annexed the properties outside town limits. Grossnickle said the town wouldn’t have to deal with the county then but he doesn’t think it’s an annexation issue.

Wilson said he thinks everyone’s concerned about children and the elderly and wants them to be safe when walking to the Dollar General. Gross said she agrees.

Wilson said he wants to have a plan in place before he goes any further.

Town Marshal Jim Eads said James Emans, civil engineer with Emans Engineering, would need to get involved to see if it’s even feasible.

Gross suggested going to Kosciusko County Area Plan first to get questions possibly answered or pointed in the right direction. She also said they will have to check with the state.

In other business, the Council:

• Approved a resolution to use American Rescue Plan Act funds to fund its Hoosier Enduring Legacy Program (HELP) Pathway project to upgrade the park.

• Learned Mentone’s Craft Fair will be the first Saturday of December from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the fire station.

• Heard voting will be held at Town Hall from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday for the general election.