Oakwood Cemetery Still Dealing With Water Pipe Issues

Pipe leaks still remain an issue at Oakwood Cemetery.

Sexton Hal Heagy on Thursday told the Oakwood Cemetery Board of Regents  that leaking water lines did not get fixed this year. He is hoping to get them fixed during the first part of 2023.

The Board first heard about the water issues in August when Heagy said a leak was coming from a 1-1/2-inch water line near the road near American Legion Circle #1. Heagy said he would have to get someone to fix the issue since Heagy doesn’t have the equipment to fix that size of a line. The line is about 4 or 5 feet into the ground.

In September, Heagy said 80% of the cemetery has been without water for most of the summer.

Thursday, Heagy said a vehicle drove into the cemetery recently and backed up near the lake, hitting a water line. The water line was ripped out of the ground. Heagy said he believes he knows who the vehicle is associated with and will be talking to someone about it.

Heagy said he has not received a lot of complaints about the cemetery not having water. The cemetery had water at the chapel and at the far end of the cemetery. People used buckets to water flowers.

In other business, the Board learned:

• Asphalt roads were extended in sections 57, 58 and 59.

• Lights and insulation will be installed in the storage building at the cemetery. Heagy said the big project he plans on doing during the winter is getting the building finished to store equipment.

• Leaf season has started. Heagy said he believed eight loads of leaves were taken out of the cemetery Thursday.

• Water line winterization is complete.