Michael Stahl, father of Alivia Stahl, Makes Respectful Request to Halt Negative Online Comments

Fulton County Courthouse. (Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw)

The father of nine-year old Alivia Stahl, who was one of the three children killed in the bus stop incident last year, is speaking out about the public negativity seen across social media.

Michael Stahl spoke with media members before the trial began Thursday morning in Rochester. He said he and his family respects everyone’s opinion and appreciate the support that has come out, however says wishing harm or making threats, including those against Alyssa Shepherd or any of her family, are unwelcome and doesn’t help the situation.

Stahl, speaking with WROI in Rochester, said, “We need to make sure this trial is occurring fairly for both parties involved, for both the State and Alyssa Shepherd… we hope people can respect that, reserve their opinions until after the trial is completed, regardless of the results and hopefully bring piece of mind for this time period. Everybody is already feeling enough grief and pain as is.”

You can hear Stahl’s full statement here: