Microsurfacing work to affect road access for Warsaw residents

Pavement Solutions will begin microsurfacing the City of Warsaw Thursday, weather pending.

During this time, it asks all residents to stay off the new surface until the roads are reopened. Emergency personnel will continue to have access to all roads if needed.

All residents will be notified the day prior to work being performed. Pavement Solutions asks residents that need access to their vehicles to park on roads listed on door hangers they will receive.

The project will be a double course micro. This means Pavement Solutions will treat the roads with a bottom or first course, and return at a later date to treat the roads with a top or second course.  Residents will be notified again before the top course is applied.

Pavement Solutions will update its list every Sunday or on a day that weather affects production. Day 1 begins Thursday, weather pending.

Day 1: Fawn Court, Deerfield Path (south of Doe Street and west of Stag Drive), Pam Street, Nancy Street

Day 2: Deerfield Path (between Stag Drive and Doe Street), Brookview Drive, Glad Street, Robinhood Road

Day 3: Stag Drive, Buck Trail (west of Stag Drive), Marion Avenue, Flora Avenue, Pam Street

Day 4: Glad Street, Robinhood Road, Marion Avenue, Flora Avenue, Doe Street, Buck Trail (east of Stag Drive), Deerfield Path (west of Stag Drive).