Roundabout Safety Recap: What you need to know during Husky Trail phase II

“Quite frankly, we kind of like roundabouts,” says City of Warsaw Traffic Safety Commissioner Kip Shuter.

Phase II of the Husky Trail project is underway starting Friday at 8 a.m. During this phase, drivers will be using the new roundabout to access businesses on Mariners Drive, as well as the school.

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Shuter says its important for those using the roundabout to follow precautions.

“When you approach the roundabout, approach safely, approach slowly, so that you’re able to stop at that yield sign if you need to if there’s traffic that’s already circulating in the roundabout,” Shuter reminds. “Yield to any pedestrians, bicycles that are in the crosswalks.”

Shuter wants the public to be aware of the rules:

  • Yield to traffic already inside of the roundabout
  • Use turn signal when exiting roundabout
  • Be aware of crosswalks in the roundabout– pedestrians have the right of way
  • Yielding to large vehicles in the roundabout is state law

He recommends residents watch this video to ensure they are using the roundabout safely:

The end date for the Husky Trail project is set for October 20.