Name Change Coming to Indianapolis 9/11 Memorial

INDIANAPOLIS–The Indianapolis 9/11 Memorial will soon be called the Indiana 9/11 Memorial, and you’ll be able to see some changes that will reflect the new name and purpose.

“The major reason for the expansion is we were fortunate enough to get a piece of the Pentagon stone, Indiana limestone, obviously,” Brig. Gen. Stewart Goodwin, executive director of the Indiana War Memorials Commission, told WISH TV.

“There’s no flags there, no state, no federal or city flags there. So, we’re gonna put flags up there. But, we’re also gonna mount this piece of stone that weighs 800 lbs.”

Goodwin said he was surprised one day when he noticed the stone is shaped like the state of Indiana.

He said the name change is a reflection that the memorial is no longer just for the first responders who went to New York to help after 9/11, but for everyone in Indiana to observe and remember the attacks.

“We are the state capital. We want to make sure that all the small towns and cities across the state are knowing about this.”

He said private funds are being used to fund the project, so it’s not clear when it will be finished.