New Claypool Clerk Resigns for Illness

CLAYPOOL – New Claypool Clerk-treasurer Elizabeth Brewer will resign March 1 for health reasons, town council heard Monday.
Brewer, an independent candidate elected in November to replace Connie Morgan, is experiencing very serious health issues, according to council President Niki Miller. Brewer was not able to attend the January or February meetings.
Brewer tried to do the job but was advised by her doctor to take it easy, Miller said. She added town business will still run as usual and residents will still receive utility bills.
The town will confer with the State Board of Accounts on what their next step should be. Miller noted state law gives them several options; those include a party caucus to name a replacement, appointing a council member to fill the role or contracting with a certified public accounting firm.
Also Monday, resident Kelly Coburn insisted on hearing an update on efforts to get a ditch-side safety rail put up along the railroad tracks in town. Miller replied that it’s railroad property so the town needs permission to do anything, which has proved hard to get.
“We’ve all heard about fighting city hall – fighting the railroad is even tougher,” remarked town attorney John Barrett. “They’re not emotionally or financially involved … they’re not going to move mountains to put a few ties up.”
Also Monday, council:
• Announced a new policy on public comments at meetings, which must be placed on the agenda by the Thursday before the meeting. Residents can call town hall or leave a note in the drop box.
• Approved the annual fire protection agreement with Clay Township at a cost of $10,000.
• Approved a $1,800 payment to Dixon Engineering for water tower inspection in preparation for upkeep.
• Approved $5,280 to renew the Keystone financial software license agreement.