New locker procedures announced for WCHS students

Warsaw Community High School announces new locker procedures for 2020-2021. WCHS will continue to provide a locker to any student who would like one. For the first week of school, students are advised to “walk their schedule” and then determine if they would like a locker and where the best location would be. On Friday, August 21, any student wishing to use a locker must complete a Google form to make that request. The form will be located on the WCHS website site at

On the Google form, students will be able to select a locker and choose a location that best meets their needs. The form will remain on the WCHS website for the duration of the year to be reviewed weekly to allow any student who decides later in the year that a locker would be helpful to follow the same procedure of completing a request.

Upperclassmen have the opportunity to request their previous locker until Friday, August 28. Locker assignments with a combination will be sent via email within one week of submitting a request. WCHS will make every effort to honor the locker requests received. WCHS looks forward to welcoming students back on August 18.