New Warsaw Schools Building Projects On Schedule

Building projects for Washington STEM Academy, Edgewood Middle School and Lincoln Elementary School are on schedule, according to construction and school officials.
Warsaw Community Schools Superintendent Dr. David Hoffert and school board members walked through the projects Tuesday afternoon.
“We are really excited about the progress that is being made, and the projects are on schedule,” Hoffert said.
Jeremy Gerber, Performance Services assistant project manager, said the preliminary schedule for Lincoln is to have students and staff move into the new building in December.
Plans are to move in to Edgewood in October 2017 and Washington this fall.
The existing Lincoln will be torn down in January and then a playground and parking lot will be installed and completed by June 2017. Foundation and utility work has been put in and structural steel work is being completed.
In the next 30 days at Lincoln, walls will be backfilled, new sanitary line work will begin and the majority of the structural steel work will be completed.
At Washington, work that was completed over the last 30 days included concrete foundation work and a stormwater detention area. In the next 30 days, structural steel work will be completed as well as concrete slabs and roof work will begin.
At Edgewood, concrete foundation and interior demolition for science labs renovations have been started. In the next 30 days, roofing work will begin and block foundation walls will be completed.
Lincoln Elementary will have a two-story academic wing with a secure entrance and a STEM lab, four sections of classrooms and a gym with a stage. There will be a media center, administration wing and four sections of classrooms.
Washington will have a new front door and a new STEM lab adjacent to the door. Other features are new fifth-and sixth-grade classrooms, a special education area and guidance and resource rooms. Renovations also will be made in the cafeteria and kitchen.
Edgewood will have a new STEM lab, secure entry, and new front dor and a music and arts area. Other features are administration offices and science, math, social studies, history and language arts classrooms.
There will be a choral and band room, gym, fitness and wrestling rooms, a new kitchen and special education area.