New WCHS entrance part of two distinct routes for drop-offs (see map)

Motorists using the main entrance off Fisher AVenue will see ampole help in following proper traffic direction. News Now Warasaw photo by Dan Spalding.
News Release

WARSAW — Warsaw Community Schools is providing insights into using the high school’s two entrances for drop-offs.

Changes were necessary after the main entrance was redesigned and constructed this summer.

The district is promoting the new routes with a map and details on social media.

Essentially, there are two routes with drop-off points that serve SR 15 and Logan Street.

Here are some tips outlined by the school district for “Hassle Free Drop-Offs:”

  • Follow the arrows showing traffic flow and drop off or pick up at the specific marked locations (Doors 2/3 and Door 51).
  • If you create your own route, it holds up the line and bogs down traffic.
  • Do not mix the yellow and red routes.
  • You can drop off all along the sidewalk; You don’t have to wait until you are all the way up to the door.
  • Watch for pedestrians (staff) who may have to cross the line to enter the building.
  • Avoid having to turn left back out onto SR-15.

WCS students return to class on Friday.

The map highlights two routes (yellow and red) for drop-offs at Warsaw Community High School, Graphic provided.